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Bite my shiny Apple. Here you can find some Mac related programming and OpenDarwin Ports.

Bite my Apple

Kristians iBook
Hm.. Beyond that neat design you'll find out that Mac OS X (actually it is called OSiX because of it's Unix functionality !) has some nice usability and a BSD-like unix.
Sorry about this lazy text, but maybe I'll find some better words for this section in the future.


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Korseby Fan Adjust Daemon Korseby Fan Adjust Daemon
kfand is a very simple implementation of a daemon that automatically controls the speed of the fan and adjusts its speed according to the temperatur of the processor.
Korseby Cleanup Finder Plugin Korseby Cleanup Finder Plugin
This Plugin for the Mac OS X Finder removes unwanted .DS_Store & ._* files in directories.
OpenDarwin Ports OpenDarwin Ports
Mostly you'll find some bugfixes for ports in OpenDarwin and some additional ports Kristian is maintaining.