Korseby Online - kfand

About kfand

The Korseby Fan Adjust Daemon is a very simple implementation of a daemon that automatically controls the speed of the fan and adjusts its speed according to the temperatur of the processor.

General things

The daemon is very well tested and considered stable on Apple's MacBook series. It should work on MacBook Pros and Mac minis too. However, Korseby can't take responsibility if this program does harm your computer in any way. So be warned. Use it at your own risk!

Download and License

kfand is being licensed under GPL.


You need Apple's Developer Tools for this daemon to compile correctly. Please download the newest version from their website before compiling this daemon.

Just enter the following commands to install the daemon:

tar -xvzf kfand-0.1.tar.gz
cd kfand-0.1
sudo make install

To uninstall the daemon, just enter the following in your favourite Terminal:

sudo make uninstall


The daemon now starts after every boot. So you either can reboot your computer after installing or enter the following command:

sudo /Library/StartupItems/kfand/kfand

Make sure that no other programs like FanControl are running. They would intermix with the Korseby daemon.