Korseby Online - OpenDarwin

About OpenDarwin Ports

Below some work I've done to improve OpenDarwin. Mostly you'll find some bugfixes for their ports and some additional ports I'm maintaining.

General things

list all installed ports at once
simply type port installed or list the contents of /opt/var/db/dports/receipts/.

update ports
Simply got to the OpenDarwin Ports directory and enter the following commands:

$ cd /opt/src/darwinports/dports/
$ cvs login
$ cvs -z3 update -dP
$ portindex (this is only for verification and is not needed)

fetch updated archives
This command may is of interest for you. It will automatically fetch any updated packages which you have installed. It will not upgrade or re-install them.

$ for i in $(port installed | grep -v "The following ports are installed:"); do port fetch $(echo $i | sed -e "s/-[0-9].*//"); done

port cleanall
Since port lacks the ability to clean up all compiled packages, this little command will do it.

$ for i in $(port installed | grep -v "The following ports are installed:"); do port clean $(echo $i | sed -e "s/-[0-9].*//"); done


Download hexedit port
Makefile.in patch
Download hexedit 1.2.9 source
view bugzilla entry
hexedit 1.2.9
This was my first port for OpenDarwin. That little application is a hexeditor for the console.

Download jpilot port
plugins.c patch
view bugzilla entry
jpilot 0.99.7
If you have a Palm and want to synchronize your database with Apple's Address Book you need this tool.

Download pkgconfig bugfix
view patch
view bugzilla entry
pkgconfig bugfix
gcc won't work with cpp-precomp enabled. Adding the following parameter before compiling will solve compilation problems.

Download glib2 patch
view patch
view bugzilla entry
glib2 missing dependency
This little patch adds libiconv as a dependency to glib2 which is needed to compile it.

Download slrnpull patch
view patch
variant slrnpull
slrn has a little utility called slrnpull that automatically fetches news for offline-viewing. In the default settings it is set to off. It can be anabled via configure with "--with-slrnpull".