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Kleine Geschichtlein aus dem Leben. Seleya beschreibt in jedem Song ein kleines Stück aus dem Herzen gegriffen ihre ganz eigene Definition von Emotion.
So regnet es im Frühling und es wachsen die Pflanzen, die Satelliten umkreisen den Planeten in einer furchtbar still-kalten, angst-einflüßenden Umgebung. Dann geschehen seltsame Ereignisse in theatralischer Weise, werden trauige Melodien erzeugt voller Verständnislosigkeit und Zurückhaltung und der Verlorenheit in der eigenen Welt.
Später beschreibt ein Lied die letzten Sonnenstrahlen eines Sommers, wie er schnell vorüber war. Und vorbei ist alles am Ende. Wie ein Traum und dennoch Wahrheit.

Seleya Preview

You can listen to some mp3 previews.

01. pflanzenwuchs
02. regen
03. piaa
04. theatralik
05. schattenmelodie
06. Seleya
07. zerfall
08. sehnsucht
09. verlauf
10. einsam
11. sommersonnenschein
12. macht
13. vorbei

Interviews with novisad

There were some interviews as Seleya - the second album from novisad - was released. Since it is some text to read I've prepared some links for the interested people.

L'entrepot article
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novisad Reviews

Read here what other people wrote about novisad:

Rezension von Thuja
"13 akustische Ereignisse, kommen und gehen, in sich repetetiv. Sie sind weit weg und doch im tiefen Innern des Hörers - wie die ruhigen, traurigen Wetterlagen von Frühling und Herbst in den gemäßigten Breiten. Eine langsame, aber stetige Dramaturgie trägt dieses dritte Release des Rostockers Kristian Peters: Beginnt "Seleya" mit stark gefilterten Ambientscapes, entwickelt sich das ganze im Ablauf zu Stücken, die in Micromelodien aus unauffälligen Keyboardpresets oder akustischen Instrumenten wie Banjo, Pianos, Streichern, Bläsern (bzw. Sampleloops von ihnen) gründen. Am Ende ist der kühle Nebel einer kleinen Sonne gewichen. Musik nach den Bauplänen der Natur."

Richard di Santo for the Incursion Magazine
A new disc of "personal music" by Kristian Peters aka Novisad, Seleya is the follow up to his self titled debut released in 1998 on Tomlab. Focusing primarily on short loop-based structures, all thirteen of the pieces on this album are washed in an analog haze which adds an interesting sheen of mystery to this predominantly ambient and gentle music. Novisad keeps the arrangements and melodies simple and minimal, made with what sound like synths, guitar and various noises. This music reminds me of a piece I once heard by Susumu Yokota called "Morino Gakudan" on the Leaf label's Osmosis sampler, which has an analogous quality of mystery with a distinct leaning towards minimalism. A close listening of this album doesn't reveal too much, but still these are nicely constructed vignettes that are more like snapshots, given that each piece remains more or less static as an arrangement of simple loops. In all, Novisad's latest brings us pleasant music for nostalgia and reflection, a circular disc which ends pretty much in the same place it started, which means you can create a larger, collective loop by setting your disc player to repeat mode.

Review by Motion
Second release from Novisad, aka Kristian Peters of Rostock, Germany. Thirteen tracks of strictly looped material, each one with the focus and intensity of a haiku - simple and stringent in form and yet expressive of great complexity. The acoustic and electronic sources from which the loops are culled are mysterious in origin and so sensitively arranged that they often have quite powerful emotive force, as when 'Einsam' couples the closely-miked fingers of an acoustic guitar and see-sawing sweetness of a string ensemble. It is rare that this sort of music results in such melodiousness and human warmth, but 'Seleya' succeeds in doing just that.

9/10 on Spiderbytes.com
Don't know much about novisad (other than that his real name is Kristian Peters) but I do know that his murky rather-lo-fi take on sound construction entrances me. The 13 pieces of short, sweet and scruffy Seleya exist in a shadowy world of half-forgotten memories, obsessively replayed again and again lest they be lost forever... The slow, repeating rhythmic theme of regen (4:03) vaguely hints at micronoise, groovelocked into a streaming cloudbank of glare. The thin, looping haze of piaa gains additional strength from low drone power. Quavery musical essences seem to seep from the past as schateenmelodie (1:29) evokes some Euro-provincial nostalgia, much in the same way that mutedly jangling sitar (?) strings of the title track echo from more-Eastern exotic climes. Dulled by a cover of low-fidelity, guitar strums emerge to be scrawled upon by faintly squealing squigglies in verlauf. The subtle stringed acoustics of einsam are counterpointed by a light touch of squeaky-wheel effects... strangely beautiful. Slurry piano and who-knows-what descend like closing curtains when vorbel concludes this not-even-39-minute session of alluring eccentricity. novisad's almost-abstract snippets transcend my personal dislike of overt repetition. Each tonally subdued track replicates its core theme, just doing its own often-rather-melancholy thing while the world around it changes.

Othermusic Review
Is 'true' ambient music supposed to have a calming, slightly delirious effect? Most ambient musicians strive for that halcyon goal, yet any music, really, is 'ambient' if it's playing in the damn background. Novisad's gentle pulsings and buzzings are no extreme departure from the genre as we know it, but as it drifts, you realize it's in constant churn rather than repose. This is Kristian Peters' second record, and first in 3 years (his first was made when he was 18, to give you an idea of his age now). As the record progresses, it moves out of icy electronic realms into one where the sounds of acoustic instruments (harps, banjos, guitars, piano, etc) are being diluted, dissolved, blurred, like when you throw water on a page filled with writing in ink. Incredibly mature for one so young, it actually starts out unremarkable and by the end of the 38 minutes you're completely impressed.

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More about novisad

You can visit the Seleya page on tomlab. There you can order the album directly if you want.

novisad novisad
Musik, die verzaubert, schön und unerläßlich sich einen Weg in das menschliche Gehör bahnt, als wäre es selbstverständlich aber nicht abstrakt.
funkel funkel
funkel is mostly music for the time after that should remind that all things must come to an end - eventually.

Getting Seleya

We have several distributions all over the world. Please visit tomlab for a complete and updated list.

- a-musik (Germany)
- Hausmusik (Germany)
- Kompakt (Germany)
- Indigo (Germany)
- Aim-Distribution (Benelux)
- La Baleine (France)
- Wide (Italy)
- Discmedi (Spain)
- Baked Goods (UK)
- P-Vine (Japan)
- Carrot Top (USA)
- Caroline (USA)
- Revolver (USA)