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novisad was produced with my good old 386 computer that only had a soundblaster 1.0 card built in and therefore produced a very poor soundquality. To optimize for speed I restricted myself to 11khz in 8bit mono, otherwise I wouldn't have finished these tracks even today. Nevertheless, there was enough time to have a cup of coffee or to do something else besides while the old 386 was computing. The last two tracks on the novisad album ( demut, abschied) were done with my new computer that finally could work with 44.1khz and stereo. I also used that machine to convert all the previous tracks to CD format. Basically I used for all CD tracks the WinDAT program, a simple cut&paste program together with CoolEdit 1.5. This may sound simple but until I found the according sounds, entire days could pass by easily.

About the Artist

Kristian Peters was born in 1980 and is living in Rostock, Germany. He is producing electronic music since winter 1993/94. Starting out with very unconventional and hard techno tracks, becoming more and more experimental he finally found his place in ambient music. Kristian does not see his music as ambient but as a state that could be anything. It primarily describes a kind of state, that could be anything. The titles can give clues, but are only a superficial circumscription, the very meaning should be coming from the music itself.

The way to success goes back to an e-mail that he send in May 1998 to Jörg Follert from Karaoke Kalk in reponse to the visor release. Jörg was puzzled and played the different tracks (a full demo CD followed) to Tom Steinle. It was Tom who decided to publish the CD in January 1999.

novisad Preview

novisad backside
01. ambival
02. membran
03. methadecorre
04. distanz
05. monotau
06. festplattengeräusche
07. nebel
08. phalanx
09. demut
10. abschied

novisad Reviews

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novisad - Tom Album (Tom/003)
Das beste Ambient (blödes Wort, sorry) Album seit Ewigkeiten. Und es ist denkbar einfach gemacht. Beats spielen hier keine Rolle, nicht mal im abstrakten Sinn als Metrik. Es sind einfach gegeneinander geschichtete, aneinander nagende, sich untereinander in ihrer klaren Differenz entfaltende, auf gewisse Weise streng, aber auch heiter wirkende Loops die hier alles sagen können. Vermutlich ist es nicht einmal dem Rostocker Kristian Peters, von dem diese ruhigen, erhebenden, merkwürdig seltsamen, aber doch extrem klar und bewußten Samples zusammen so funktionieren, aber sie tun es, tun es wahrscheinlich eh, und die Eingriffe die man braucht um dort hinzukommen sind ebenso einschneidend wie unwirklich. Extrem deep, sehr verlassen, unglaublich schön und absolut perfekt.
bleed ***** / de:bug

review by gil gershman for motion, uk
Their interfaces have become impossibly elaborate, their graphics strikingly lifelike, but so many of today's games still appeal to the same base shoot-em-up instincts as their arcade ancestors. Behind the viscera and the vicarious derring-do are simplistic animal impulses. Hunt! Confront! Kill! Destroy! Not much room for intellect or cogitative reasoning when your heart is pounding and the adrenal glands are in overdrive. Even dressed up in the sharpest of CGI threads, their sophistication is barely skin-deep. The discriminating gamer favors the diabolically plotted logic traps of the adventure game. These games have matured since the age of Zork and other text-only computer-lab staples. Countless "Kings Quest"s and "Dragon's Lair"s later, and adventure games have arrived at the Mensa-level mindbenders of Myst and Riven and at the state-of-the-Net interactivity of EverQuest. novisad lacks lavish graphics or even textual clues, but Peters takes adventure gaming to an even higher level. With or without the accompanying game (downloadable From Peters' site: http://www.korseby.cjb.net), novisad has been brilliantly designed as a purely sensory adventure. Only your wits and your senses can get you through these puzzle-box corridors of digitally processed sound, where the quality of the ambience - the moire of the walls, the weight of the air, the lay of the tile, the texture of the paneling, the depth of resonance - is all that differentiates one empty room from the next. novisad is an apparently neutral environment in which the only immediate peril to life and limb is the very real possibility of getting hopelessly lost. A big gun is irrelevant. Machismo is no asset. Draft a map, save your game often and restart when frustration mounts, beg for "help!" or forge ahead brazenly, relying upon blind intuition; do whatever you must to wind your way through novisad's maze. Diligently trace and retrace your steps. Expect to walk in bewildering circles. Patience is definitely a virtue here. There are no armed guards, no emptying hourglasses, no curses and no disintegrating body-armors. Remember, this is a sensory adventure. Don't hesitate to spend time in each room, absorbing its every nuance and aspect. Navigate by touch, by sound, by the taste of the air, by the feel of your footsteps. As for "HELP!," Peters supplies only these words of wisdom: "The environment will clearly give the thoughts a sense; nevertheless, the questions which existed from the outset are still there." Thought most certainly required. The trigger-happy and the impatient need not apply.

review by mike javor for urbansounds, usa
I don't think that Kristian Peters' debut CD for the small but mighty German label Tom is meant to be a soundtrack for his personally-developed video game novisad, but it certainly does evoke imagery along the lines of the labyrinthine, Dungeons & Dragons-esque screen captures and iconography from it. Episodic in nature, the disc is ten levels of highly evocative, loop-based music which recalls Markus Popp at times and the recently rediscovered Nuno Canavarro at others. There is a submerged feel to the entire release; the higher frequencies of the sonic spectrum are blurred, creating a low-res tunneling effect sonically akin to the point of view of novisad's maze-dwelling hero. The plodding rhythm to each track paces the listener as he plunges deeper into the sonic constructs, but Peters is able to introduce new loops in such a way that one is wrenched into blind 90 turns without losing the sense that he is still in the same maze. As these twists and turns accumulate and one is carried farther from his starting point, the anticipation of what lies around the next corner creates an incredible, anxious tension.

review by Mario de Block for Plastiks, belgium
Als novisad brengt Kristian Peters uiterst duistere lo-tech ambient uit, twijfelend op de weg naar hot spot Keulen [Köln] (denk aan de Kompakt nouvelle vague) en afrit ondergrounds Berlijn (waar Thomas Küner de plak zwaait). Krakende lodown dirty wavetables spuwen wezenloos vervaagde loops, uit een aftandse geluidskaart lekken pastorale stretched chords. Het organische klavier in "Abschied" laat ook erg veel ruimte voor herinneringen aan Talk Talks zwanenzang ("Laughing Stock", "Stump"). Monotone mono tonen kringelen op uit "Distanz" en "Monotau". Vergelijkbaar met Plastikmans "Consumed" (met kilklinische geluiden als input) worden hierin vagelijk roterende loops van broeiende gefilterde sounds gestapeld. Vast niemand wil geloven dat dit allemaal gecomponeerd is met een 386 pc. Over de programmatuur wil ik het dan geeneens meer hebben. Hoe dan ook, voor deze op 1000 ex geperste derde Tom-release toeterde alvast de Duitse vooraanstaande pers in termen als "de beste ambient sinds jaren". Weg met het kaf, laat novisad je bekoren.
***** (madb)/ Plastiks

Review on Chromedecay
Germany's tom label has proven to be the source for some of the most interesting ambient music in the last year. They're on their fifth record, "Sack & Blumm", which I'm fiending for (RealAudio snippets are provided to whet your appetite). Kristian Peter's "Novisad" record is in my top 3 ambient albums for 1999.

More about novisad

You can visit the fabulous novisad page with some goodies to discover.

Seleya Seleya
Kleine Geschichtlein aus dem Leben. Seleya beschreibt in jedem Song ein kleines Stück aus dem Herzen gegriffen ihre ganz eigene Definition von Emotion.
funkel funkel
funkel is mostly music for the time after that should remind that all things must come to an end - eventually.

Getting novisad

We have several distributions all over the world. Please visit tomlab for a complete and updated list.

- a-musik (germany)
- grooveattack (germany)
- forced exposure (usa)
- phonics (Canada)
- mego (österreich)
- lowlands (lowlands@innet.be)
- Kompakt (germany)
- digital narciss (japan)
- demus (italien)
- rotor (spanien)
- materia prima (portugal)

novisad - the game

The cover of the CD goes back to a screenshot of this game that was programmed by Kristian who is a big fan of adventure games, textadventures and role playing games. The mission is to find the key and to escape from the cave. The program can be downloaded directly, but it's using german for the texts.

You must have at least an i386-PC, a VESA compatible graphic card, 5 MB free space on your harddrive, the operating system DOS greater or equal than 5.0. It does not run natively on Windows, but it can be emulated via dosbox. With that program it'll surely run under Mac OS too.

View Screenshot 1
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Download the game here (189 KB)