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About Linux Kernel

In 1991 where Linus Torvalds published a first version of his operating system Linux on the internet as Kristian got his first computer a year later. However, it took some years before he booted Linux (and BSD) on his old 386 pc.

When using Linux it is only natural to get into kernel programming by some time. Here you can find some patches and other things.

OOM Patches

Andrea Arcangeli has removed the out_of_memory killer entirely in 2.4.23 (and .24). I complained about this and send a patch to the linux kernel mailinglist which was accepted for 2.4.25.


BadRAM Patches

I have updated the BadRAM patch originally written by Rick van Rein to work with newer kernels.


IDE DMA for cdaudio Patches

Since Andrew Morton became maintainer of the 2.6 kernel series he hasn't updated his idecd-dma patch anymore. I took over his work for a little time.


other Patches

You can find here some (quite old) patches I have made once to improve the Linux Kernel.

this patch fixes a bug in the development kernel 2.5.25.
linux 2.4.19 had some bugs in ide. Applies against 2.4.20.
linux 2.4.19 had some bugs in ide.

other things related to Linux Kernel

Here you can find some other stuff that doesn't fit into any category.

simple script to automize kernel installation (and lilo configuration afterwards)

Also on Korseby...

... an article about how to install a linux kernel. (This article is in german and quite old. It covers the 2.0 and 2.2 versions of the kernel series.)

Einen Linux Kernel installieren Einen Linux Kernel installieren
Nach einem langen Download, nach einer anstrengenden Einstellung und nach einer faszinierenden Compilierung, ist man froh, wenn der Kernel funktioniert.