Korseby Online

About Korseby  5.6.36

The term Korseby goes back to the early days of Computer Gaming. It was 1992 where Kristian originally has chosen the name Korseby for a wizard in the role-playing-game Bane of the Cosmic Forge beside other ludicrous named characters that vanished short after.
However, one name survived and 1997 a first version of Korseby Online was published. One year later a worldwide readable version appeared on the internet. Shortly after the first novisad record was published.
It took 7 years to find the Cosmic Forge and 1999, one year before all computer should have crashed, Korseby Online even got it's own unfinished adventure.
In 2009 Kristian finally released the third novisad album on flau.
Since 2004 Korseby Online has a consistently growing flora and fauna section with more than 3500 photos.


Korseby is devided into several categories. Please choose one of them:

Musik Musik
Since the winter of 1993/94 Kristian is making music. Titles are only a superficial circumscription.
computer Computer
It was 1992 as Kristian got his first computer. This section covers most of his work related to computer.
spiele Spielereien
Things without relation now make sense. Suddenly it appears that a complex puzzle of an antique computer game was solved.
outer outer Korseby
This section contains mainly thousands of flora and fauna photos. The section is for things that cannot be put into any category too.