Korseby Online - Ares History

About Ares

Ares are sets of rules for tabletop-like role-playing games. It refers to itself as Miniatures Wargaming System and is more or less a generic rule type for fantasy tabletop. It really has very simple rules that are based on alternating activations and repeated actions per round and unit but also has the ability for lots of interesting tactics.


Here is a detailed overview of all changes.

Version 1.0: (2006-04-23)
- some bugfixes thanks to Claes
- moved javascript code to separate file
- added detailed results menu

Version 0.7: (2006-03-09)
- added bubble sort algorithm to sort each weapon factor
- replaced crappy old calculation of weapon factors with new correct version
- area effect on spells is now times the spellrange instead of only 2

Version 0.6: (2006-03-06)
- fixed correctness of Combat Rating computation
- magic should now be calculated correct
- second weapon factor is now correctly calculated

Version 0.5: (2006-03-05)
- some identifier changes
- changed layout and font-size
- removed bug: added parseInt for all numbers
- added spellcasting, spell factor and updated weapon factor with spellcasting
- added secondary weapon along with secondary attack
- added some comments

Version 0.4: (2006-03-04)
- fixed some english glitches
- fixed a nasty checkbox bug
- added id-fields to all input types

Version 0.3: (2006-03-04)
- added description
- added copyright and version information
- some minor fixes

Version 0.2: (2006-03-04)
- updated calculation, it should be correct now at least for non-magic units
- added missile weapon support
- added all modifiers and included them in the calculation

Version 0.1: (2006-03-03)
- initial version
- basic html-forms
- basic javascript support
- added a non-working calculation