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About LaTeX Templatey

Here you can find some useful additions, functions and tricks for LaTeX.


Some Samples

Picture & Keywords

The LaTeX Header

If you want some features, you need some packages and extensions which come with LaTeX preinstalled. These are the packages which I am using:



Definitions are rather simple as you can see here:

\def \TITLE{BIG Title}
\def \SUBTITLE{Under Title}
\def \AUTHOR{Kristian Peters}

Later you can access them via \SUBTITLE for example.

Where's the sign for Degree?

If you want the degree sign you'll have to do something tricky. Simply user \Celsius in your text.

\def \Celsius{\mathrm{^{\circ}C}}

A simple way for a good looking math-mode?

I do not like the standard way mathematic formulas look like. So I redifed the math-mode a little. Simply use \M{formula}.


Headings and Keywords

If you only want a little heading and some keywords which do not take so much space, you can make use of these:

% Heading
\newcommand{\HEADING}[1]{\vspace{1pt}\paragraph*{#1}\ \\}

% Keywords
\newcommand{\SP}[1]{\makebox[\textwidth][t]{\begin{tabular}{p{0.2cm} p{16cm}}\hfill$\mathrm{\bullet}$ & #1\end{tabular}}}
\newcommand{\SSP}[1]{\makebox[\textwidth][t]{\begin{tabular}{p{0.95cm} p{15.25cm}}\hfill$\mathrm{\circ}$ & #1\end{tabular}}}
\newcommand{\SSSP}[1]{\makebox[\textwidth][t]{\begin{tabular}{p{1.325cm} p{14.885cm}}\hfill$\mathrm{\cdot}$ & #1\end{tabular}}}

% Enumeration
\newcommand{\AP}[2]{\makebox[\textwidth][t]{\begin{tabular}{p{0.2cm} p{16cm}}\hfill#1. & #2\end{tabular}}}
\newcommand{\AAP}[2]{\makebox[\textwidth][t]{\begin{tabular}{p{0.95cm} p{15.25cm}}\hfill#1. & #2\end{tabular}}}
\newcommand{\AAAP}[2]{\makebox[\textwidth][t]{\begin{tabular}{p{1.325cm} p{14.885cm}}\hfill#1. & #2\end{tabular}}}

You can access them as follows:

\SP{Stichpunkt 1. Grades}
\SSP{Stichpunkt 2. Grades}
\SSSP{Stichpunkt 3. Grades}

Tricks with Pics

Inserting pictures is always a bit pedestrian, so I've written a little makro that automatically adds a figure text. There are also makros for 2 or 3 pictures at once. (Note: The lines at the html-code have linebreaks. For best achievements you better should use the samples from the whole template file.)

% one picture

% two pictures in a row

% three pictures in a row

And in the text, you can access them as follows:

\PIC{13cm}{data/datei.pdf}{einfaches Bild}

\PPIC{data/Liriodendron_tulipifera.jpg}{zweifaches Bild 1}
{data/Michaelia_champac_1.jpg}{zweifaches Bild 2}

\PPPIC{data/Liriodendron_tulipifera.jpg}{dreifaches Bild 1}
{data/Michaelia_champac_1.jpg}{dreifaches Bild 2}
{data/Michaelia_champac_2.jpg}{dreifaches Bild 3}

Download the Template

There are also other things that are not so interesting like page numbering and so on... But you can download the whole template here.

Download LaTeX Template
Download LaTeX Template with Makefile


The Korseby Templates are completely free.


I'm using those templates since 2002. A lot of modifications were made over the years. Here you can find only the latest additions and changes:

1.0b: (Mar 20 2006)
- removed umlauts

1.0a: (Jan 29 2006) initial release