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About GNU Plot

GNU Plot does a lot of things. But for some special cases you need some tricks to get things to work.

Having A Nice Plot

template gnuplot
A Sample Plot
I have prepared a template which I'm always using when I'm starting a new plot. In this template I have prepared all the things which I'm using most.

Special Characters

Sometimes you need some special characters (e.g. the sign for micro is commonly used). Below is a little table which lists the codes for some:

Tilde: \176
Mikro: \265
Ae: \304
Oe: \326
Ue: \334
sz: \337
ae: \344
degree: \360
oe: \366
ue: \374

Download the GNU Plot Template

You can download the whole template here.

Download GNU Plot Template
Download GNU Plot Template with sample data and Makefile


The Korseby Templates are completely free.


I'm using those templates since 2002. A lot of modifications were made over the years. Here you can find only the latest additions and changes:

1.0: (Jan 29 2006) initial release