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About LaTeX Formula

Here you can find a simple way for creating LaTeX formulas in a single empty and mini-page.

A Formula On A Single Tiny Page

template latex formula
A Formula
It is rather complicated if you want to create pages with custom size in LaTeX. But I've found a way to manage this. You must use the package geometry for this.

The actual trick does the command \setpapersize{custom} where you can insert the width and height of the page afterwards.

Please have a look at the following two lines. The second sets the margin of the page to zero.

\setmargnohfrb{0mm}{0mm}{0mm}{0mm} % left-, top-, right-, bottom-margin

Download the Formula Template

You can download the whole template here.

Download LaTeX Formula Template
Download LaTeX Formula Template with Makefile


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I'm using those templates since 2002. A lot of modifications were made over the years. Here you can find only the latest additions and changes:

1.0: (Jan 29 2006) initial release