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About Korseby Scripts

Over the years I have made lots of shell scripts to improve speed and easiness of daily computer work. You can now also find Korseby Scripts on github.

Download Korseby Scripts 4.10

You can download the whole package here.

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md5sum: ba200c13c5200b9b50d359ef43ba28cf
sha256sum: f10a89b591c18939b07c350ec1d9a9176ef8cbaf2825fe4f24083b29a41167f2


Korseby Scripts are published under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL). Visit GNU for more details.

Main Scripts

These scripts do not fit into any category.

deletes .DS_Store files (generated by the macOS Finder)
deletes ._* files (generated by the macOS Finder) under the condition that a file named * (without the ._ be the first letters) already exists
deletes .Trashes (generated by the macOS Finder)
deletes .Trash-<username> directories (generated by Nautilus from Gnome)
removes hidden extended file attributes on macOS 10.5+
removes ACLs from files on macOS 10.5+
randomizes a stdin text (works like sort but reverse and randomly)
convert given file names to lower case in the current working directory
Start a webserver and share a file for download.

Scripts for CD Burning

These are some scripts related to make the burning of CDs a lot easier.

burns a given iso-image with a given speed.
burns a mixed-mode cd from a given toc-file with a given speed.
burns a audio-cd from a given toc-file.
makes a copy of a cd.
blanks a cd-rw in different modes.
creates an iso-image from a cd-rom.
rips an audio-cd.
verifies a burned cd-rw.
creates an iso-image.
creates a toc-file for a mixed-mode CD.
creates a toc-file for a Audio CD.
encodes all wav-files found to mp3.
encodes all flac-files found to mp3.
converts ape files to wav.
splits up a single wav file by a cue file.
Converts raw .bin cd-images to the .iso format.

Scripts for Converting different file formats

These are some scripts that convert mp3s to wav and backwards.

Converts a hls stream to mp4.
gets cover art out of mp3 and saves them as folder.jpg
needs perl extension MP3::Tag
creates a toc-file for a Audio CD.
encodes all wav-files found to mp3.
gives mp3-files a proper format.
sets id3 tags from mp3 files (not actively maintained at the moment)


Version 4.10:
- up3.pl: minor updates to keep up-to-date with perl and latest macOS
- flac2mp3.sh: bugfix when there is more than one genre
- exifwiki.sh: now including GPS meta-data

Version 4.9:
- updated wav2mp3.sh to work in parallel
- added flac2mp3.sh

Version 4.8:
- removed rsnyc_korseby.sh, rsync_zusatzprogramme.sh
- updated rsync_adlib.sh, rsync_seleya.sh, rsync_novisad.sh, rsync_installation_dir.sh
- added hls2mp4.sh
- added gronkhtv.sh
- added share_file_http.sh

Version 4.7:
- cleanup.sh: added support for Mac OS X 10.10
- rsync*: new computer support
- other small fixes

Version 4.6:
- cleanup.sh: added support for Mac OS X 10.9
- rsync_*.sh: small updates
- m4a2wav.sh: commandline changes
- wav2mp3.sh: small commandline changes

Version 4.5:
- burniso.sh: mac changes
- cleanup.sh: added support for Mac OS X 10.8
- added m4a2wav.sh
- mp3eca.pl: empty file bug removed
- rsync_*.sh: updated folders
- up3.pl: minor regex updates

Version 4.4:
- minor changes to up3.pl
- cleanup.sh sometimes not working correctly, fixed

Version 4.3:
- updated cleanup.sh to remove ACLs
- updated cleanup.sh to match extended file attributes on Mac OS 10.7
- small improvements to up3.pl
- added ape2wav.sh
- added cuesplit.sh

Version 4.2:
- small improvements to up3.pl
- added rsync_adlib.sh
- added rsync_burn.sh

Version 4.1:
- updated cleanup.sh to match extended file attributes on Mac OS 10.5
- updated burniso.sh for Mac OS 10.5
- updated verifycd.sh for Mac OS 10.5
- slight modifications to up3.pl
- added mp3eca.pl
- added exifwiki.sh
- added sched.sh

Version 4.0:
- added lowercase.sh
- updated burniso.sh (chache is now 32m, added -driveropts=burnfree option)
- updated burniso.sj (added "-overburn" option)
- updated up3.pl (roman numbers only via option, mac-umlauts, cleanup, little additions)
- updated delcd.sh (added -force)
- added ipodconnect.sh
- added ipodeject.sh
- updated mkiso.sh (added -iso-level 4 and removed joliet from options)
- added v4lrec.sh

Version 3.2:
- updated up3.pl (now change roman numbers correctly, = is now "")

Version 3.1:
- added bin2iso.sh
- updated debian-dependencies

Version 3.0:
- updated cleanup.sh (removes also ._* files)
- added rescan-scsi-bus.sh from Kurt Garloff

Version 2.4:
- added cleanup.sh (removes unwanted files like .DS_Store)
- updated up3.pl (mac umlauts in filenames)
- updated verifycd.sh (new subdirectory Zeugs)